2016-12-22 Feng, Chen

“Trembling Surfaces” in Long March Space


Joeun Aatchim, Feng Bingyi, Feng Chen, Huang Songhao, Yunyu Ayo Shih, Su Yu-Xin, Yi Xin Tong, Vivien Zhang, Zhu Changquan

2016.12.10 – 2017.2.19

Long March Space, Beijing

Long March Space is pleased to invite two young artists, Zhang Jianling and Guo Xi to curate the exhibition “Trembling Surfaces”. With the interest in re-discovering modes of narrative, the duo explores the ways in which a constellation of texts-images-objects form new space for artistic practice and channels of perceptions, this exhibition attempts to index these young creators’ life and ideas in recent years, by mapping the traces they’ve left on the geographical routes, we are invited to take a glimpse into how works of art reflect their life experiences on the move. Every artist’s fragility is an appeal to Zhang Jiangling and Guo Xi, that expands into independent sensibilities, allowing the surfaces of reality, image, and concepts to crease and fracture, where new topographies emerge. This exhibition will lead to the first step of winter excursion, allowing the viewers to traverse through nine magical landscapes as theyconstantly zoom inand out on their sensibilities.


Feng Chen prefers we ask him what he has invented recently. Single Eye is closely tied to another young video artist’s unique life experience and sense of space. Viewing experience at the present occurs in high definition and is often homogenized, the headgear Feng Chen invented allows his friends to perceive the depth of the world from the surface of the image, in other words, giving us the opportunity to enter into the 3D world through a single eye.