2017-11-22 Feng, Chen



开幕:2017.4.15 下午3点

展期:2017.04.15 – 07.16


Create Spaces

Opening: Saturday April 15th, 3pm

Duration: 2017.04.15 – 07.16

Venue: Luxelakes·A4 Art Museum: Luxelakes Arts Exhibition Center (Luxelakes Eco-City), South Extension Tianfu Avenue, Tianfu New Area, Chengdu, Sichuan, China


胶囊上海 | 冯晨作品参加A4美术馆新馆首展

《W》,2017 ,声音装置(水泥雕塑、音响、电机、机械部分),直径4m | “W”, 2017, installation (concrete, speaker, motor, mechanical parts), diameter 4m|图片来源A4美术馆 Courtesy A4 Art Museum

“创造空间”由国际当代艺术领域的策展人李振华以及馆长孙莉担当艺术总监,联合策展人赫挲·卡斯泰利(Richard Castelli)、李杰、蔡丽媛共同策划完成。展览将于2017年4月15日至7月16日期间举办。“创造空间”不单单是对更加广义的空间的多维度诠释,也源自于策展人对新的A4美术馆的想象。创造空间融合了诗性、声响、内在、运动、超视象与扩延的空间,展览试图通过更加身体性的体验,调动五感,使观者置身于亦静亦动的现场空间,模糊了可见与不可见,现实与虚幻,内在与表象,东方与西方的二元世界,并由此引发我们重新认识我们关于自身、城市以及文化空间的关系。


胶囊上海 | 冯晨作品参加A4美术馆新馆首展

《W》,2017 ,声音装置(水泥雕塑、音响、电机、机械部分),直径4m | “W”, 2017, installation (concrete, speaker, motor, mechanical parts), diameter 4m|图片来源A4美术馆 Courtesy A4 Art Museum

Feng Chen to the Luxelakes•A4 Art Museum’s debut exhibition, featuring his new work “W”, 2017. The work is inspired by sea waves, and uses a cement-molded body of a large-scale sound installation in order to explore themes of sound and motion. “W” brings into conversation the concept of signal transmission, and how different permutations of switches can materialize into sounds. In 2015 Feng Chen created a first smaller version of the sound installation work “W”, which attempted to reconcile the synchronization between sound and motion. The recent larger version of “W”, 2017, was created with the architecture of the A4 Art Museum in mind, by converting the work’s original wooden texture into cement. At the entrance of the museum, a half-open space holds the four-meter diameter large-scale sound installation. The space allows the audience to sit on the side of the sound installation, watch as the movement of the dial through the work’s interior imitates the motion of a sea wave, and feel the resonance of the trumpet-like audio.

胶囊上海 | 冯晨作品参加A4美术馆新馆首展

《W》,2017 ,声音装置(水泥雕塑、音响、电机、机械部分),直径4m | “W”, 2017, installation (concrete, speaker, motor, mechanical parts), diameter 4m|图片来源A4美术馆 Courtesy A4 Art Museum

“Create Spaces” is curated by international contemporary art curator Li Zhenhua and director SunLi, as well as co-curator team members Richard Castelli, Li Jie and Cai Liyuan. The exhibition will be held from April 15th, 2017 to July 16th, 2017. “Create Spaces” not only bases its narrative on the multi-dimensional spaces of the museum, but additionally is drawn from the imagination of the A4 Art Museum’s curators. The exhibition is in equal turns poetic, aural, internal, and motion-based. The visual, extensive space is designed to impart upon the audience sensual bodily feelings. It is a static and dynamic live space that blurs the line between the visible and invisible, the actual and visional, the interior and exterior, and the East and the West. Thus, visitors will be able to rethink the relationship between the city, culture and ourselves.