2016 Installation 47×44×14cm

Material:Wood frame,Aluminum plate,Thermal ink, Peltier Element,Cooling Fans,Arduino. 47×44×14cm

A small square patch of paper, with a heavy, ornate wooden frame, similarly teases the audience’s sense of expectations about paintings. The image, cryptically titled C, changes color – going from shades of grey to a vivid scarlet as the thermal ink responds to the fluctuations in temperature.

“I’m much interested in the appearance and disappearance of the images that may have an impact on people’s sensation and perception,” says Feng. The work is, in fact, a collection of images in a single frame, each located in a fraction of a moment. Feng says it’s his way of responding to moving images and the ability of the human senses to register these minuscule moments of change. His work, as indeed that of the others on show, are a reminder that having eyesight is not necessarily the same as being able to see.

Documentary Video
The video shot in the Hanart HZ Gallery