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16:9, three-channel synchronized video installation 16:9,三频同步录像装置 #1: 5’06”, #2: 1’01”, #3: 1’01”

Video has been a mainstay of Feng Chen’s work since the early 2000s. The three-channel video work ‘Convulsion’ explores the subtle relationship between man and machine, movement and sound. Mechanized convulsions of human limbs synchronize with sounds from nature, computers and handclap. Can you tell what these sounds are? What sort of feeling do they elicit? 自2000年初,冯晨开始了录像这一创作主线。三屏录像作品《震颤》探讨人与机器、运动与声音之间的微妙关系。人类肢体的机械运动分别和自然、电脑以及击掌的声音同步。您可以分辨出这些是什么声音吗?它们激起了您什么样的情感体验呢?